Neighbourhood Plan Approved for Submission to NEDDC

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The Dronfield Neighbourhood Plan was unanimously approved by the Town Council for submission to NE Derbyshire District Council at the Council Meeting on the 3rd December 2018.

North East Derbyshire District Council will undertake a further public consultation on the Plan for 6 weeks before the Plan is subjected to an independent examination by an Inspector. A referendum will be held, and if successful the Plan will be “made” and used to help determine planning applications. The Neighbourhood Plan takes a much more localised look at the town in terms of housing requirement, employment provision, transport issues and the protection of the environment.

The Neighbourhood Plan will eventually feed into the Local Plan which is expected to be late 2019.  Whilst a Neighbourhood Plan cannot reduce the amount of housing being proposed in the Local Plan, it can provide evidence of the type of housing that is needed for Dronfield.

A number of documents support the Neighbourhood Plan including Character Buildings and Structures and Local Green Space listings. Dronfield Civic Society, through former Chairman John Harvey had input in the chapter on Heritage.  The Neighbourhood Plan seeks to retain the Green Belt which surrounds the town.  This is contrary to the Local Plan which aims to release three parcels of land from the Green Belt for housing.  It will be interesting to note how this particular area of conflict between the two plans is resolved.

To view the Neighbourhood Plan click here 


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