Dronfield High Street Crossing Campaign

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A Dronfield Civic Society member recently raised with us the need for a pedestrian crossing on the High Street, close to the library, where it is very difficult for pedestrians, particularly if they’re elderly, frail or a parent with young children, to cross safely because of the volume of traffic. This is an issue which has been raised before, unsuccessfully, with Derbyshire County Council.

We have taken the issue up with the County Council again, but Council officers have stated that a crossing near the library would not meet the requirements for forward visibility (70 metres) for a crossing to be installed and also that it was highly unlikely that the required funding would be made available in any event.

During the day, vehicles pass through the High Street at an average rate of one every six seconds! Watch the video, which illustrates the problem.

What do you think? Do we need a crossing on the High Street?

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  1. Jacqueline Boon
    | Reply

    Think this has been needed for a long time. Much needed.

  2. Richard Ineson
    | Reply

    This road should be pedestrianised.

  3. Laura
    | Reply

    I agree that a crossing if definitely needed but it has to be made visible to both traffic coming from sainsbury and traffic coming up the high street or it may cause more accidents. I can’t see this being a problem at all and the helps the older and younger generation mums and such cross over with ease.

  4. Maria Pendlebury
    | Reply

    Definitely needed.

  5. Angela
    | Reply

    Definitely needed. Wouldn’t a pelican crossing be visible enough to oncoming traffic from both sides if on the actual corner? I cross on the corner anyway as I get best visibility there in both directions. Not usually the best place to cross a road I know!

  6. Frances Robinson
    | Reply

    I think it is much needed.

  7. Anne
    | Reply

    I’ve managed to cross the road safely for 30 years. Why not try to stop being so lazy and walk a bit further down the high street or heaven forbid you might walk further up and cross Gosforth Lane and then across to Stubley or Wreakes Lane. Stupid idea, let’s waste more mone. As for being pedestrians only ? Really? Are you trying to finish Dronfield shops totally?

  8. Jean Richardson
    | Reply

    Since the closure of the Co-operative in the Civic Centre older people living on the library side, Manor bungalows for instance, have to use Sainsburys for essential groceries etc. It’s a dangerous road to manoeuvre for older people and mum’s with young children.

  9. Lynne Oakley
    | Reply

    This needs to be made a priority! Cars come around the corner at speed, well over the the speed limit of 30 miles an hour. I don’t think most drivers realise that if there isn’t a speed limit sign then it is always 30 miles an hour! You take your life in your hands trying to cross here.

  10. Heather Ronksley
    | Reply

    If more parts of the pavements were lowered so prams could get down easier and up easier then that would be better. There is only one part of the road that has a lowered curb, and that’s just as you come round the corner from Sainsbury’s where you can’t see properly. If there were more lowered curbs then I don’t think there would be such a big need for a crossing.

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