The Last K6 in Town

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It is almost four years since we adopted and renovated two K6 telephone kiosks.  The last K6 in town stands below the Holmesdale shops.  It has been in a poor way due to neglect and vandalism, having been decommissioned by BT some time ago.

Its light had been disconnected and the box was scheduled for removal.  Committee member David Hallam made enquiries about it, having previously been told that the kiosk had already been purchased by a resident.

This turned out to be incorrect and in the nick of time, with just 7 days to go before it was due to be taken away and presumably scrapped, the Civic Society filled in the necessary paperwork and paid £1 to BT to adopt it.

David met with the BT engineer who provided a set of glazing panels, a new door strap and door handle ready for renovation work on the kiosk to begin in the spring.

The intention is to preserve the kiosk as an item of heritage street furniture, whilst improving the local street scene.  Inside the kiosk will be a panel about the history of this British icon.

If you live nearby and would like to help renovate this K6, or can provide a cuppa for our volunteers please contact us.  Alternatively DCS will be looking for volunteers to help renovate two more K6s in Unstone which were adopted by the Parish Council.

This is a wonderful project to be part of so join us in our quest to save the K6 from extinction.


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