Dronfield Neighbourhood Plan Consultation until April 12th 2019

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The Dronfield Neighbourhood Plan Consultation until
April 12th 2019.

During 2017 and 2018 the Town Council held a series of consultation events on the emerging plan. Comments received were reviewed and changes were made where appropriate.

The Town Council welcomed comments and thoughts from residents, landowners, developers and local community organisations including the Civic Society.  Our former Chairman John Harvey helped to provide information on heritage and conservation including the historic buildings and structures within the town.

Dronfield’s Neighbourhood Plan acknowledges the vision, objectives and strategy of the Local Plan whilst recognising in some detail what the town needs in terms of housing, transport, economy and infrastructure.  It also examines in detail the importance of the Green Belt and the quality natural landscape surrounding the town, and the need to protect and enhance heritage.

The Neighbourhood Plan seeks to retain the Green Belt which surrounds the town.  This aligns with the Interim Report on the Local Plan by Planning Inspector Sarah Housden who directed NEDDC to remove one area allocated for development so that it remains as Green Belt.  She also indicated a reduction in area and presumably the number of dwellings on another Green Belt site on the edge of Dronfield. This has reduced the conflict between the proposals for housing in the two plans to a degree.  In terms of numbers of houses, we’ve seen a reduction from 860 to 475 and now to an approximate 160 over the plan period of 15 years.  In previous years windfall sites have been able to achieve the level of development in the town in a sustainable way.  However there are infrastructure issues which need addressing before any further development can occur.  Dronfield Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to NEDDC on 23rd January and is now out for consultation until Friday April 12th.  We urge you to take part in this consultation and make your views known, particularly if you support the Plan for small scale sustainable growth and retention of the Green Belt and the views and vistas which surround the town.  To take part in the consultation email Helen Fairfax at local.plan@ne-derbyshire.gov.uk with subject heading Dronfield Neighbourhood Plan: Submission Draft.


To view the Neighbourhood Plan click here 


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