Dronfield Civic Society

Existing 20 mph Zone


The Dronfield 20 mph Zone is designed to help road safety for school children and other pedestrians by reducing traffic speeds.

After discussions between Dronfield Town Council, Derbyshire County Council and Dronfield Civic Society, the Zone was extended and new crossing areas introduced. This included:-


* Extension of the 20mph zone to include School Lane & Fletcher Avenue, Green Lane (between Park Avenue & Chesterfield Road) and High Street (between the junctions of Stubley Lane and Gosforth Lane)


* Traffic calming features on parts of Lea Road and Green Lane to help self-enforcement of the 20 mph zone.


*A Zebra crossing on Lea Road (between The Forge and Dronfield Station).

Members of Dronfield Civic Society discuss the proposed siting of one of the Zebra Crossings on Lea Road  with Derbyshire County Council engineer, Andrew Siddall.

Speed monitoring in the zone


Speed levels within the 20 MPH zone have reached dangerous levels and Derbyshire Police have now been measuring vehicle speed within the zone.


We also work with the Community Speed Watch programme to measure speeds using radar.

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Email us with your views on the 20 mph Zone extension and additional road safety measures

The 20 MPH speed limit zone covers the central / conservation area of Dronfield. It is marked by road markings and signage at the entry to the zone.

There are some traffic calming features inside the zone on Sheffield / Chesterfield road, and adjacent to schools on Green Lane, School Lane and Lea Road.


The areas around the schools have PERMANENT 20 MPH speed limits