Manor Stables – A DCS Exclusive!

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In early July the Civic Society obtained permission to visit and photograph a little piece of Dronfield’s hidden history. The Manor Stables, behind the Manor House, (now the Library), date back to 1880 but are not listed. As redevelopment of the site is due to take place imminently, we felt it important to record this piece of history for the town archive.

We were joined by members of the Old Dronfield Society and a former Chairman of the Civic Society, John Harvey, who co-ordinates the Heritage Group at the Barn.

The Stables retain many of their original fixtures and fittings including the iron work separating the individual stalls and rather unusual turquoise hexagonal tiles. Much of the floor is also intact. The original hay baskets were stolen some years ago.

Whilst it is unlikely that any of the interior fittings can be re-used within the new development, the Civic Society has been offered the opportunity to work with the local authority to provide historical background of the site which may then be remembered through place names or interpretation.

This is little comfort to those who think this building represents a wonderful opportunity to raise the profile of the town through other commercial uses such as a high class restaurant or micro-brewery rather than apartments.

It is anticipated that much of the exterior will be retained which includes interesting stone detailing above the windows.

With thanks to Grant Galloway of NEDDC for allowing us access and talking through the revision of the earlier plans for this site.

  1. John Ellis

    It’s a shame that a historic building can’t be saved ???