Local Plan November 2020 Update

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On Monday 2nd November until Wednesday 23rd December, the Main Modifications on the North East Derbyshire Local Plan go out to consultation.

The Inspector has made the changes she thinks are necessary to make the Plan ‘sound’.

The consultation is about those changes only and not the whole Plan, so although the main document is 155 pages long, it is a case of seeing what the Inspector has said about the parts of the Plan that are key to residents.  The Green Belt was the main issue residents commented on in the previous public consultation.

The Inspector removed an allocation for 200 houses on Green Belt in Coal Aston.  This stays as Green Belt.  She has not; so far, de allocated two other areas of Green Belt in the Town.

A piece of Green Belt is allocated for 40 homes at Stubley.

A piece of Green Belt below Shakespeare Crescent between Dronfield and Unstone is allocated for 160 homes.  This site has been reduced from 235 homes to what the Inspector describes as a smaller scale development.  6.52 hectares will be removed instead of 9.87 hectares.  On the ground,  travelling south, development will stretch to the main field boundary opposite the lay-by and a square of field above, where the public right of way goes up to the houses adjacent to the Highgate Lane area.

Cllr Charlotte Cupit, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, said:

“I would urge everyone to submit their views on the proposed changes as part of this consultation. I understand there is particular concern over the remaining allocations in the Green Belt and why the Inspector has only removed some allocations from the Plan but not others. This is the last chance for communities to highlight their concerns and test the Inspector’s reasoning by commenting on her Main Modifications proposals.”

Since the Plan went to Examination there have been a few things that you might consider if you do not wish to see any land removed from the Green Belt.

The Dronfield Neighbourhood Plan has been adopted which represents the views of residents with a strong presumption to protect the Green Belt.  The Inspector must take this into account.

The up to date data on housing permissions and completions which shows a greater amount of development happening and in the pipeline than previously.  This will mean the Inspector will have to judge again whether it is now necessary and whether there are ‘exceptional circumstances’ to warrant removing land from the Green Belt.

The inconsistency of the Inspector in removing some Green Belt sites but not others, as suggested above.

To comment on the modifications to the Shakespeare site look at page 32 MM/030

To comment on the modifications to the Stubley site look at page 34 MM/034

Dronfield Civic Society will keep you informed of future updates on the consultation through our website and Facebook.