Dronfield Civic Society is keen to work with and support groups and organisations in Dronfield whose aims complement the work of the Society. To that end we have created an application form which organisations and groups can use to apply to the Society for funding support.

Dronfield Civic Society's core functions are:

  1. a) to foster civic pride and stimulate and educate the public, in particular by promoting understanding of the beauty, history, geography and character of the locality;

  2. b) to encourage high standards in the management and development of the built environment;

c) to promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the environment, in particular the public realm and the historic environment.

Notes for Applicants
  1. Your application for a grant will be considered by the Management Committee of the Society.
  1. In considering your application, the Management Committee will have regard as to how it aligns with the Society's Core Functions.
  1. In the past the Society's funding of grants has ranged from £25 to £500.