The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – the plans for the Parish Church

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We are all proud of our heritage and Dronfield has a wealth of it, centred on the Parish Church.  Some aspects of the church could now do with a bit of restoration and betterment, and it is really our responsibility to tackle it so that future residents of the town can enjoy this magnificent building.

The trouble is, work on buildings which have Listed status costs enormous amounts of money and fundraising is never an easy task.

At our evening of celebration, Rector Peter Bold came to explain what needs doing to Dronfield Parish Church and what it will cost.

The priority is the preservation and protection of the fragile Medieval stained glass which is currently exposed to the elements within crumbling stonework.  There is a solution to protect and insulate without losing the aesthetic value.

Then there is the need for disabled access to toilet facilities and new kitchen facilities without the present hazard and difficulty of steps.

Advancements in heating and lighting for this building are now available which for health and safety issues are key.  It is extremely dangerous for anyone having to change a light bulb at roof level, and the expense involved in removing stone slabs in the church floor to get to corroded pipes, means these on-going repairs are often money down the drain for a temporary short-term fix.

And then there are the pews.  Perhaps not everyone is in agreement of getting rid of the uncomfortable Victorian seats which are quite unsightly in places. The modern approach, seen in many cathedrals around the country, would see them replaced with wooden chairs with rush seats which can be fastened together in many combinations or removed to allow an open space, giving total flexibility of usage.

Grant funding is being sought through Heritage Lottery and the Church Hall is being sold off to be renovated for community use for all ages.

A good plan?  Let us know what you think.  Or you can let the Rector know by emailing Peter Bold:

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