K6 Book Exchange

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The Falcon Road K6 was restored by the Civic Society in 2015. For four years it has simply been a heritage item of street furniture standing next to the post box on a small green area between houses. When we began work on the Holmesdale K6, we were messaged on Facebook to ask whether we would now consider making the Falcon Road box into a mini library.

Mini libraries or Book Swaps are fairly common in old telephone kiosks.  The nearby villages of Barlow and Cutthorpe have used their K6 for this facility for a number of years very successfully.

Committee took the decision to trial it in Dronfield.  Two followers on Facebook offered to ‘watch our box’ on a regular basis by keeping it litter free, removing fly-posters, inappropriate material and unwanted items like magazines.

Our own David Hallam measured up and made 5 shelves for the books.  Three signs inform that the box is now the K6 Book Exchange.

The interior of the box was given a clean and painted.  The light was not disconnected by BT and so even during dark evenings, you will still be able to exchange books.

We hope the K6 Book Exchange will be a well-used local resource.  It would be good to see a few books for younger readers simply for the novelty value of explaining to children how the K6 was used when few people had a land line and before mobile phones were the must have item they are today.

Please send us any photographs that you are happy for us to share in our newsletter, on the website and on Facebook to promote the work of the Civic Society.  If any young readers would like to tell us what they think about the K6 Book Exchange, please email us at the enquiries@dronfieldcivicsociety.org.uk address.