The Last K6 in Town – Restored!

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It is almost four years since we adopted and renovated two K6 telephone kiosks.  The last K6 in town stands below the Holmesdale shops.  It has been in a poor way due to neglect and vandalism, having been decommissioned by BT some time ago.

Its light had been disconnected and the box was scheduled for removal.  Committee member David Hallam made enquiries about it, having previously been told that the kiosk had already been purchased by a resident.

This turned out to be incorrect and in the nick of time, with just 7 days to go before it was due to be taken away and presumably scrapped, the Civic Society filled in the necessary paperwork and paid £1 to BT to adopt it.

David met with the BT engineer who provided a set of glazing panels, a new door strap and door handle ready for renovation work on the kiosk to begin in the spring.

At the end of May, two committee members, David and Robert, who in 2015 worked to restore a K6 at Coal Aston and one on Falcon Road, began to remove the old flaking paint from the Holmesdale kiosk.  After two days of work, the box was looking much better.

Once the restoration is complete, the box will have an information panel inside detailing the history of this quintessential British icon.  The Holmesdale kiosk was made by the Carron Company, near Falkirk Stirlingshire; one of five foundries in Scotland to make the K6.  The K6 restored by DCS in 2015 on Falcon Road was also made there.  The Coal Aston K6 was made at the Saracen Foundry, Glasgow.

We have been contacted by residents with suggestions to turn our K6 boxes into mini libraries, information points or art galleries associated with local schools.  Currently, we choose to retain them as heritage features of the local street scene.

If you are interested in the K6, could you help us by being keeping an eye on our three boxes?  This would involve checking them regularly and reporting back to us if you notice a problem.  Contact us if you would like to take this on through  Alternatively, there are two K6s in Unstone and one in Hundall which DCS has offered to help Unstone Parish Council restore.  This is such a worthwhile project to be part of.