DCS K6 Book Exchange Opens

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On Sunday 7th July we opened the door of our lovingly restored K6 on Falcon Road so that it could be used as the town’s first mini library.  Queues formed to use the kiosk; something not seen in many years.

People brought donations of books and made their selections to take away.  The K6 offers a certain novelty value, particularly for those too young to remember the original function of the kiosk.

The Civic Society purchased this K6 along with one at Coal Aston in 2015 from BT.  Recently a third kiosk has been restored at Holmesdale Road.  Since 2015, the kiosks have been renovated as items of street furniture and kept locked.  When renovations began on the Holmesdale kiosk, we were messaged on Facebook to ask whether we would consider making the K6 into a book exchange.

The kiosk was repainted inside and out, fitted with five shelves and three discreet signs.

Ideally we would like a nice selection of books in good condition, for all ages.  Once the five shelves are full, please do not leave books on the floor of the kiosk or outside it.

Two local residents will be monitoring the kiosk on behalf of the Society.  They will remove any inappropriate items, litter or fly-posters/adverts.

We’d love to receive your comments and photographs and hope that you will accompany young children to use the kiosk safely. We would just pass on a reminder that the kiosk door is quite heavy.   Please tell children a little bit about the history of the K6.  You will find an information panel in our other two kiosks.